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Tryouts 2022-2023

Tryout Registration is NOW OPEN 
Register your players for the BSA Tryouts

Barcelona Soccer Academy would like to invite you to attend our Competitive team soccer tryouts for the 2022/2023 season.

Barcelona Soccer Academy Tryouts are designed to identify talented players while discovering the fundamentals of professional European soccer programs, methods, and philosophy.
register and be part of ONE OF THE bsa 2022 tryout sessionS


Please look for Schedule, Registration, Venues, and Contact Information in this site

DATES:  MAY 2022
VenueS:  Boombah Sports Complex  / Moore Station / SYLVAN LAKE PARK / East Lake Sport Complex


Tryouts Format:
• Players will join a tryout private session. their skills will be evaluated by our sports director.
• players WILL BE picked after the session.
What to wear?
Field players:  short, T-shirt, socks and shin GUARDS.
• Goalkeepers:  short, T-shirt, socks, gloves and shin GUARDS.



Link available in may 2022

The Registration "Tryouts 2022-2023" is not currently available.

2021-22 AGE CHART

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2017 U6
2016 U7
2015 U8
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2013 U10
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us club soccer / fysa


USCLUB SOCCER  Player may attend tryouts May 1st

FYSA  Player may attend tryouts after May 1st

US YOUTH SOCCER  Player may attend after May 1st


2.10 Recruiting; Try-Outs; Registration.

2.10.1 Recruiting; No-Tampering. FPL Clubs may recruit players for participation on FPL Teams from any geographic region at any time during the year (subject to these Regulations). Notwithstanding the foregoing, FPL Clubs may not train or tryout a player from a FPL Team of another FPL Club during the FPL Season until May 15th 2019, except pursuant to Rule 2.10.2 below. Note: FPL coaches and administrators may be subject to the rules of other U.S. Soccer organization members regarding recruiting.

2.10.2 Try-Outs; Registration. The month of June shall be considered an “open” month for player movement between FPL Clubs. During this month, players from one FPL Team may train or try-out with teams of another FPL Club. No roster for any FPL Team for the upcoming FPL Season will be accepted by US Club Soccer prior to July 1st.



401.6 TRY-OUTS

Organizations affiliated with FYSA may hold any try-out or player identification activity, related to the formation of teams for the next seasonal year involving players IN ALL AGE GROUPS on the Monday following the originally scheduled date of the FYSA State Cup Round of 16 provided the following guidelines are met: Tryouts or other activities are publicly advertised and open to all age-appropriate players. Players remain bound to their existing club for the current seasonal year pursuant to provisions contained in Rule 207.6.

Your Rights During Tryout Season

We are at the time of year where tryouts, assessments, evaluations and team placement will preoccupy the minds of every club, every coach and every player and parent.  This is a stressful time for all involved and can unfortunately be a confusing time as well.  The world of youth soccer is probably unlike anything you have encountered in "normal" life.  Team commitments, club registrations, placement requirements and player releases are all terms that are thrown around.  

US Youth Soccer, Florida Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer all have rules that are intended to protect the interests of both clubs and players.  

Here at Barcelona Soccer Academy we want to make sure every family selects the right program for their player and we want to make sure you are aware of your rights as a youth soccer player.

When registering with a youth soccer club you may be registered under US Youth Soccer (FYSA), US Club Soccer, or both.  This depends on the leagues and tournaments your team will be playing in.  To make sure our bases are covered, we will discuss the registration process for FYSA.

The most important thing during tryouts is that you are allowed the opportunity to look at opportunities and offerings for your player and make the decision that is in the best interests of your player and your family.

Here at Barcelona Soccer Academy we support your freedom to make the decision that is best for you.  Even further, the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) have rules in place that protect players allowing you to make decisions that are in your best interest.

In the State of Florida, US Youth Soccer (USYS) registration is handled through the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA).  Here is the information straight from the FYSA Rules Manual. 

The selected sections are intended to present only the pertinent information; you can find the full document at FYSA RULES

203.   PLAYER REGISTRATION A competitive and or recreational player is obligated to his/her team for the seasonal year from the time he/she signs a contract or is rostered to a team until the end of the current seasonal year.   

203.1   A player is considered registered when the player has an active competition level set on or after June 10th for the upcoming seasonal year. Page 42 of 118 As of 8/17/18 2018-2019 Seasonal Year

1. Player contracts or registrations for returning players may be effected on or after June 10th .

2. A contract or registration for a non-returning player may be revoked prior to June 10th by notification in writing to the affiliate. Any matter as to the refund of registration fees paid shall be governed under the terms and conditions of the contract for registration.

3. Any dispute over a player’s registration status will be determined by the registration committee.

What does this mean for you as a player?

As you can imagine, many teams are eager to get teams announced, start having meetings and start planning for the upcoming season.  There is nothing wrong with this.  But as a player you are not committed to a team until you are officially registered with FYSA.  Clubs CANNOT officially register players until on or after June 10th.  So until June 10th, you are still free to change clubs.  

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